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What is a soul?

The soul is your consciousness,it is condensed energy that makes up who you are. The soul, for the most part, is timeless, immaterial, and immortal.It is the connection to who you are and who you were, whether human or otherkin. The etheric body is connected to your soul as one, in this case. This is the reason why we can be many different races and beings.

What can a soul do?

The soul can also do things such as break apart, help form new souls, also connect with past live lovers and become twin flames or soul mates.


The theory of ascension explains that as the soul goes through "time", it gains experience and evolves. It goes through levels of "Ascension" until the soul is fully ready to evolve higher.


Everyone has a different view and experience on the soul and how it works. Some may believe in it and some may deny its existence. This is debatable and subject to opinion.