Astral Projection

Introduction to Astral Projection

Astral projection is the art of projecting yourself into the astral plane of existence and interact with the various astral entities (who may or may not have a physical form). The astral is full of spirit type entities it is here where one can safely practice their arts without too much effect happening to the physical body they have. For example if the intent was there you or someone could get hurt even if it the wound was made in the astral.

How to Astral Project?

Sink into a meditative state and reach a point where you are no longer thinking. Upon reaching that state, reaches out with your mind to sense other beings around you, if you can sense other beings, you can therefore sense the location they are in. While in that state you can sense the terrain, various locations and other beings with your mind, keep in mind to keep your eyes closed so as not to be distracted by the physical surrounding.


Introduction to Aura

Aura are energy fields wrap around you, it is the embodiment of your characteristics, nature, and well being in energy form. So if you are sick then your aura might look sickly green, if have negative vibe might have grey or blackish tinge.

Aura Works

Working with your own aura, by tapping into emotions you can bleed that emotion into your aura thus having an radiating effect on other people for example bleeding out a feeling of calmness in your aura could induce a feeling of calmness in other people.

Things you can do with your aura

  • Calming other people down
  • Protect them from harm
  • Raise morale
  • Raise courage
  • Increase sympathy or compassion
  • Increase happiness


Introduction to Channeling

Channeling is the art of allowing an entity, ghosts, or spirits to take over your body and allow communication from them to other parties. The channeling ability could be seen as either a gift or a curse. A gift in that it allows other people to communicate through you with their dearly departed, angels, or guides. A curse in that sometimes you channel even those you did not want to speak, so you may get possessed really easily.

How to Channel?

The trick is to just sit back and relax, and enter a meditative state. Once there, while eyes are closed, allow yourself to sit even further back in your consciousness and let whomever you desire to enter your mind, enters.

What Some Channelers tend to Forget

It is your mind, and thus your rules, if there is ever someone or something that you do not want in your head simply visualize them expelled, and you will have your head back. Also remember to do a cleansing after each channeling as they can sometimes leave things behind that are less than positive.

Charge-Up Techniques

Technique 1a: Long Version Charge Up

  • Draw a yin yang symbol on the ground
  • Place your hand on the symbol
  • Say "By the Power of the ancient ones, the celestial dragons, the energetic ones infuse me with your power, and fill me to the brim until inside and outside I am all energy, full of light, life and all that is cosmic so that I am power without and within"
  • You will be filled with energy

Technique 1b: Shortcut to Long Version Charge Up

  • Say "Show me oh great ancient ones, the celestial dragons, the energetic ones, the symbol of thy power, so that I may call forth your energy anytime I seek"
  • A symbol of this energy will be shown to you, it can look like anything, as it is tailored to you.

Technique 2: Short Version Charge Up

  • Draw the symbol you got from 1b anywhere, touch it and says "Charge Up"
  • This will give you a lot of energy
  • The energy boost will not be permanent but last a fairly long time, akin to achieving sage mode
  • Technique 3: Short Version Hyper Charge Up
  • Draw two of the same symbol from 1b on both side of you in the air and says "Hyper Charge Up"
  • This will give you double the amount of energy
  • Once again the energy boost will not be permanent but as it is unstable due to its volatile nature, to be use sparingly. Most people's limit are at 3 Hyper Charge Up per day.

Technique 3: Hyper Release

  • Draw two of the same symbol one in front of the other right in front of you in the air
  • Take both in to you while saying "Hyper Release"
  • One symbol will envelope you, the other become part of you
  • This is a stable form of a more powerful charge up
  • Can be used for an indefinite amount of time but can be taxing toward the body if you are not use to this amount of energy gain.


Introduction to Divination

Divination is the art of seeing and foretelling of the future, through usage of various tools and/or process.

Why do a Divination?

For people who has strong precognitive ability sometimes it is best to learn a divination method, as their precognitive ability is so strong they could enter a state of trance like state leaving them vulnerable to outward entities. By going through the process of divination, the person would come to associate their precognitive ability with that divination method, thus they would in effect have more control of their precognitive ability and later may turn it on or off giving them rest time between each precognitive.

Some Methods of Divination

There are several methods of Divination, usually in divination a person will study the shape and images they garner within a certain controlled environment:

  • Tarot and Oracle Cards Reading
  • Astrology
  • Runes Casting
  • Numerology
  • Palmistry
  • Tea Leaf Reading
  • Crystal Ball Gazing
  • Star Gazing
  • Cloud Shape Observation
  • Fire Shape Observation
  • Water Surface Gazing
  • Mirror Gazing
  • Dirt Gazing
  • Earth Gazing

Tarot and Oracle Cards Reading

Utilize the cards pack, the cards are shuffled, while the user put in their energy into the pack. When each cards are dealt in certain patterns, the user can grasp what each card represent and what questions you are trying to answer.


This is the art of studying the stars and their placement within a star chart, and interpretation on the effect it has on a being, location or across the entire world.

Runes Casting

This is very much the same as Tarot and Oracle cards reading, the runes are thrown on to the ground and whatever runes symbols and patterns it makes, this will provide you with the answer you seek.


The study of numbers and names by interpreting what each numbers means and represents.


The Study of lines and patterns in the palm of your hands and fingers to interpret a person's personality or fate.

Tea Leaf Reading

The study of images that tea leafs make after drinking tea from a cup.

Crystal Ball Gazing

The study of images that a person can see while looking through a crystal ball. This is also called Skyring.

Star Gazing

Similar to Astrology but studying the movement and patterns the star make in the night sky, seeing what is drawn to you and interpreting what it means.

Cloud Shape Observation

Looking at clouds and see the shape it forms in your mind, interpret the images you see and can tell about the current environment and possible future.

Fire Shape Observation

Done by looking into the fire and see whatever images come, and interpreting what the images mean.

Water Surface Gazing

Looking at water surfaces and interpreting the images that form on the surface of the water.

Mirror Gazing

Looking in the mirror, usually in a dark room and a candle and interpreting the images that forms in the mirror.

Dirt Gazing

Observing the pattern and images the dirt makes when you pick up some dirt and let it go again on to the ground.

Earth Gazing

Observing the pattern and images that is made upon picking up and dropping rocks, flowers, branches, grasses, and/or dirt.


Introduction to Astrology

Astrology is the art of studying and interpreting the location and movement of the stars in order to find out about a characteristic of a person, past, present or future.

More about astrology

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Cloud Shape Observation

Introduction to Cloud Shape Observation

Cloud Shape Observation is a type of divination where one observe the shape of the clouds passing by in front of your vision and interpreting what the images mean.

How to divine using this method?

Lie down on the grass, with a question or questions in mind and let yourself enter a state of relaxation, akin to that of meditation then look up at the clouds and seek out your answers.

Crystal Ball Gazing

Introduction to Crystal Ball Gazing

Crystal Ball Gazing is one of the most commonly used method of divination. By gazing into the crystal ball one could see images of long past relatives, to some unbeknown future, or someone coming into your life.

How to divine using this method?

Get a crystal ball, make sure it is nice and clean and look into it, focusing at the center. As you do so, images will start to form in your mind, it will be in all kind of shapes. Interpret these images and you have the answer you seek.

Dirt Gazing

Introduction to Dirt Gazing

Dirt gazing is a divination method that utilizes clumps of dirt as a tool for divining the past, present or future. It is a very practical method. This method works just as well with sands.

How to divine using this method?

Grab a clump of dirt or sand putting into it your energy as you hold it then let it flow out through your hand on to the ground. Whatever shapes and patterns it makes on the ground are the answers to your questions.

Earth Gazing

Introduction to Earth Gazing

Earth gazing is much like dirt gazing in term of divination method. In fact it is pretty much the same in that you both pick up something from the ground, put energy into it then drop it again. It is a highly practical method of divination.

How to divine using this method?

Pick up whatever you can from the ground, whether it be petals, rocks, dirts, gravel, sand, snails, grass, bark or branches. Put energy into it as you are doing so while having a question or questions in mind, throw all of it on the ground and note the pattern and images it makes. Through interpreting these pattern and images you get a fair idea of the answer.

Fire Shape Observation

Introduction to Fire Shape Observation

Otherwise known as fire gazing, this divination method utilize fire as the main source for divination. By looking at the fire as the flame flickers you can see various images of spirits unknown to future happenings.

How to divine using this method?

Be at or set up a campfire and pour energy into the fire as you sit and meditate on your questions. As you look into the flame you will begin to see images forms inside the fire. These flickering images once interpreted will give you the answer/s you seek.

Mirror Gazing

Introduction to Mirror Gazing

Mirror gazing is an old form of divination method, this method utilizes the mirror as the main source of images and patterns that will be interpret to formulated the answers to your questions.

How to divine using this method?

First of all you need a mirror, and some candles. Make sure it is in the dark put candles on either side of the mirror and look into the mirror, images will start to form inside the mirror. These images will show you the answers you seek.


Introduction to Numerology

Numerology is the study of numbers to formulate a define aspect of a person from their date of birth to their full birth name.

More about numerology

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Introduction to Palmistry

Palmistry is the study of lines and patterns on a person's palm, fingers and hands. A good palmist can read the longevity of a person, what job they are meant for, when they will marry and how many children they will have.

More about this

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Runes Casting

Introduction to Runes Casting

This is the art of divining the future by way of casting out runes on the ground. These runes are usually symbols engraved on rocks or bones. You can either use premade runes or you can make your own.

How to make your own runes?

Using the symbol found in the Runes section you can then engrave them into rocks you have picked up. Draw all the runes you have gathered down on these rocks and when done infuse energy into them.

How to divine using this method?

Put energy into the finished runes and toss them to the ground, the pattern they make will ascertain the answer you seek.

Star Gazing

Introduction to Star Gazing

Stargazing is a method of divination that utilize the observation of celestial bodies in the night sky quite akin to astrology but without the charts.

How to divine using this method?

Look up at the night sky and turn to the direction or celestial bodies that resonates most with you, follow your eyes to that star clusters and see what images or patterns form, and then define what it means to you.

Tarot and Oracle Card Reading

Introduction to Tarot and Oracle Cards Reading

The tarot has been there for many centuries as a form of divination, judging on pictures and images on the cards, and the patterns it is laid one can surmise one's fate, who they will meet, and when they will meet them.

More about this

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Another way of reading cards

Shuffle the deck, putting in your energy. Pull out as many card as you need to and lay them in front of you. This will tell you about your day. To get the definition read on what each of the cards mean.

Tea Leaf Reading

Introduction to Tea Leaf Reading

This divination method utilize the diviner to drink a cup of tea (usually oriental type), in order to see the future or find out about something.

How to divine using this method?

Use oriental tea, the leaf style not the bag type. Pour in hot water and have a nice relaxing drink, until there is nothing left but the leaf. Look at how the leaf are arranged at the bottom of the cup. If you had a question, this will be the answer you seek, if not it will most likely be about the personality of the drinker.

Water Surface Gazing

Introduction to Water Surface Gazing

Water gazing is a method of divination that let the diviner look into the surface of water, either in a bowl, glass, or in pool and lakes in order to understand the images and patterns seen in it.

How to divine using this method?

Get a bowl or glass and fill it with water. Use colored, glass or metallic bowl as using white bowl will strain your eyes out just to see the image and pattern in the water surface. Put your finger in the water to make a ripple in the water, this will make a pattern or image in the water which you can then try to formulate the answers.

Dream Walking

Introduction to Dream Walking

Dreamwalking is the art of entering other people's dream while you are also in dream state. Oracles, priests, and priestesses use to act this way to circumvent wars or turns the tide of battle. As they can appear in any form when in that state of awareness. They can come in the form of loved ones, heroes of long lost battles, or even of gods and goddesses so that they may warn the selected few of impending danger or what course to take in order to save many lives.

How to Dream Walk?

As you enter a state of sleep, know that and become aware of your sleeping form. Once you do so, you will begin to traverse to a dream city where from here you can ask for directions to go to certain people. If you are strong enough you can reach these people during dream state. By entering people's dream you can literally enter the mind of another person, thus allowing you to leave messages for them when they finally awoken or leave imagery or memories behind for them to think on.

Danger of Dream Walking

If not careful you could literally be trapped in someone's elses mind and be unable to return to your body. As a result you could become a new personality for that person.


Introduction to Empathy

Empathy is the ability to sense other people's emotions and pain. Sometimes you can feel so much emotions around you that you could cry yourself to sleep or be joyous without any good reason. As a result, if you are empath, you must cleanse or take on too many people's pain or emotions.

How to be an empath?

Open your heart, and let your senses flow outward, let it comes into contact with the other person's energy and feel out their issue. When you know their pain, you know how to heal them.


Introduction to Familiars

Familiars are animals chosen by practitioner of the arts to become the spiritual extension of their being. Familiars aren't so much pets, but they can be, are more of a companion to the practitioner. Depending on the familiar they can be used in various ways, either as a second set of eyes to scout certain area, a way for the practitioner to experience whatever their familiar feels while staying in their arm chair, as a guardian that protects the practitioner or as an assistant to the practitioner. Familiars are usually infused with the practitioner's energy so that up to an extent they can do what the practitioner can do.

Process of acquiring a familiar

  • By looking into the eye of a physical animal and say "In your eyes, I look and through your eyes I see me see you and as such you are now mine and me".
  • Summoning a spiritual animal to your side and then repeating the first step.

Ways of using a familiar

  • A form of protection
  • An assistant
  • A second set of eyes for the use of scouting purposes
  • A way to experience what the familiar feels.

Guardian Spirits

Introduction to Guardian Spirits

Guardian spirits are a lot like totems or spirit animals, except they are there to protect and guard you from danger. Most of the time they will take on the form of a mythological creature.

How to find your guardian spirits?

The easiest way to do this, is to enter the zone of your own mind, where you become totally silent. The first mythological creature/s that come to you while in that state are your guardian spirits.


Introduction to Invocation

Invocation is the art of releasing the latent energy/entity within an artifact, runes, or seals. Usually these objects are inert and has no effect until they are invoked to activation.

Process of Invocation

"I [name] invoke [energy/entity] from this [target/object]." If you invoke an entity within an amulet what will happen could range from the entity being released temporarily from the amulet to you gaining access to some aspects of the entity. To revoke the energy or entity just say I [name] revoke [energy/entity] back into [target/object].

Things that can be invoked


Introduction to Meditation

Meditation is the art of clearing one's mind of all unnecessary thoughts, worries, and fears. To reach your epicenter, the pinnacle of oneself and to become enlighten in the pure join of being.

Why meditate?

People meditate to get rid of stress, nervousness, paranoia and fears that they have in themselves, in other people, in the world, the wholeness of living.and to find out more about themselves.

One way of meditation

Sit and relax, close your eyes, and envision a ball of light in front of you. Stare at it until the ball of light becomes clear within your mind, do not get distracted by other things that appears, but only on the ball of light. When it becomes clear, keep staring at it until it disappears completely. It doesn't matter how long the meditation last, but do this at least once a day as long as it is needed to get to the point where you can turn the ball of light into nothingness.

Nature’s Gift

Introduction to Nature's Gift

Nature's gift is the ability to control plant life, such as vines, growth rates of plants, the blossoming, bearing of flowers/fruits and communicating with them.

How to use nature's gift?

Start off small, reach out and touch a flower pot, with your mind try to make it move in the way you want it to, link yourself in with the plant and speak to it, and wait for it's reply. As you get better you will be able to manipulate more plants in different ways.

Past Life Regression

Introduction to Past Life Regression

Past life regression is the act of going back to the time before your birth in this life and backtrack to the lives before this one

How to do a past life regression?

I want you to close your eyes and sink back into the darkness, where you can sense nothing, feel nothing, touch nothing, hear nothing, see nothing, taste nothing, and smell nothing. I want you to stay in that void of darkness for a while, and as you remain there to totally silence your mind. When that is done, I want you to sit there until you see a light, I want you to follow that light, until you come to a stream of life, made of light. I want you to follow the brightest part and enter the area. I want you to open your eyes, the mental ones when there just keep following the pathway in front of you, don't control the situation just let your mental body walk and go where it wants, keep following that path, on intervals ask what your name and where you are, that will give you a flagpost as to who you are in that timeline, and where you are. Keep following to its limit.


Introduction to Portals

Portals is in essence a magically create gateway leading from one end to another.

Types of Portals


Rifts are usually cause by a rip in space, time to occur, by sheer force of will, intent, belief and focus. It is the most easily made, however not so easy to fix, and thus used as quick get away or an entry way without any requirement for a clean exit, usually used for raids or to declare acts of war, as rifts can be traced back to the other side easily.


Energy portals are just that, they are portal made entirely of energy, so a circular hole made of energy in the air, placed as an entry way and another one as an exit. Its best used for short trips. Some used it in midfighting for acrobatic fighting.

Runic Seal

Runic seal portals tends to be more advance, and can be program to do various things such as trapping, do damages, teleporting other non-authorized user to different areas than the one the portal is heading. Can be used the same way as an energy portal but more so complicated.

Universal Pathways

Universal pathways are firmly established routes that are made by other forces, the God Hermes use one of these to deliver messages from one entity to the next, or from one location to another. To gain entry to universal pathways one must sense a whereabouts and enter it. Warning it is like a speedway in this place and can be hard to stay balanced.

Practical Exorcism

What is Exorcism?

Exorcism is the art of expelling demons, ghosts, spirits or other entities from specific location, object or being

My Style of Exorcism

In my style of exorcism I do not connect religion to exorcism. Exorcism lies very much in your belief, intent and willpower. It is very much in you to be able to do it. My style of exorcism utilize keywords to help in exorcising demons/negative entities and/or use it to bless artifacts or seal away demons. Example: Go Away [Demon Name]

Techniques used in Exorcism


To practice, envision a spot of dark energy and will it out of existence. In practical uses, look at the demonic entity and will it out of existence.

Grafting in order to transmute

To practice, envision a spot of dark energy and put a bit of positive light energy on a bit of it and slowly spread the positive around that dark energy until all is light positive energy. In practical uses, look at the negative entities and place a bit of positive energy onto it and slowly transmute it to becoming a light entity.


To practice, envision a spot of dark energy and turn it light with your will, it is a bit different from grafting as you are completely cleansing the energy into that of light. In practical uses, reach out with your hand to touch object/being/specific area and will for it to be cleanse of dark energy.


To practice, envision a spot of dark energy, now push out with your aura, and mind until it is push away of great length. In practical uses, push out with your mind, willpower, intent and belief til whatever pops out of your perception, useful for if you can't deal with the entity.


To practice, envision a spot of dark energy, with like a rubber in your hand or something, say "seal dark one" while pointing at the dark energy and push it into the rubber. In practical uses, if a demon is around say the name that comes to mind while saying the keyword "I seal you within this (rubber) [name of demon]". To be used sparingly especially when you don't have enough energy to deal with the demon yourself, by sealing it away you can deal with it at a later date/time.


Does not matter what you chant, you could use the tax legislation or flower arrangement techniques on a demon and it will still work if you put belief, intent and willpower in it.


Talk with the entities and heal their emotional/mental wounds/trauma/injuries by them letting go of their pain they become light in their being and thus able to cross over to the other side.

Blessed Purified Weapons/Tools

See Tools of the Trade

White Light

See White Light Techniques

Aura Works

See Aura Works

White Light Techniques

  • White Light Shield/Armor - envision white positive light surrounding your whole body in a sphere, this will help in protecting you from dark, negative entities/energy. Plus you can change the shape of the shield to use, or you can just encase yourself in a suit of armor made of positive white light
  • Positive energy ball - envision yourself forming a white positive energy ball and fling it out at dark energy/entities
  • Field of Protection - Wrap the white light around a specific location like your entire room, think of bright light fill with positive energy while doing this.
  • White Weapons - envision a weapon shaped energy made of positive white light, as it is always part of you you won't lose it.
  • Healing touch - envision your hand encased in white positive light and lay your hand on injured, bruises, and/or wounded body parts while transferring white positive healing energy into effected area and willing for the injuries, bruises or wounds to disperse.

Aura Works

  • Aura of Courage - by facing your fear, and infusing that courage into your aura and radiate it outward you can bolster up the courage of your allies
  • Aura of Compassion - by understanding and feeling others' pain and radiating that outward as part of your aura, others will feel the same compassion toward you
  • Aura of Healing - by radiating out healing energy as part of your aura, your allies will feel somewhat healed and regenerated.

Importance of Belief, Intent, and Willpower

Belief, Intent and Willpower is the three core concept of any energy manipulation. Without belief (self or belief in the divine) you will not be able to create a strong effect. Without Intent, the effect will be random, and has no goal. Without willpower there is no strength in the effect cause by you.

Exorcist’s Worst Enemy: Doubt

Doubt is an exorcist worst enemy. By having doubts inside your heart, your techniques will not take any effect as you disbelief yourself, and thus your intent and willpower will also be lacking. With too much doubts you can easily be taken over or dispatched.

Be Prepared

Always be prepare for any situation, you don't know what kind of scenarios you will end up in. Hope for the best, expect the worst. With that in mind, when going out to an exorcism be prepare in mind, heart, body as well as in tools and strategies. Don't run headlong into a situation without thinking about what could go wrong.

Cleanliness: Mind, heart, and Body

A clean mind, heart and body will disallow any weakness in yourself to be shown to negative entities. When there are no gaps in your heart, you can not be touched or taken over by them. A clear mind allows you to think clearly in any situation without the possibility of confusion or panic. A pure heart will stops you from being affected by estranged emotions such as hate, anger, pain or sadness, all of which could be use to an advantage by negative entities. A clean body bereft of blemishes can be the difference between dying and living, if you go in with a hurt or unclean body it can be taken advantage of and you will be in trouble if confronted with a troublesome situation.

Importance of Teamwork

In Exorcism you do not fly solo, unless you really can't find alternative choice. It is always best to work in team. It takes less energy to get rid of negative entities as a group than as one person. Also if you are working in a team, believe and trust in them to do what's best, especially if you are in a situation. If you do not keep it to yourself until the situation is over. Example, if you are in a situation with multiple negative entities and your friend suddenly doubt themselves, they will become an extra baggage for you to protect and in worst case scenario they could get taken over and then you will be fighting for your life on two fronts.

=Tools of the Trade

Blessed Purified tools are the best equipments used by Exorcists. Tools can be purified by way of touching the tool in question and send cleaning positive energy through the object. It can then be further bless with using keywords such as "I bless this shirt with holy divinity"

  • Blessed Purified Book - can be a textbook covering any subject or it could be the bible/koran whatever
  • Blessed Purified Weapon - can be a staff, bokken, sword, knives, any physical object that can be used as a physical weapon, when use in conjunction with white weapons it is extra effective.
  • Blessed Purified Clothing/Armor - can be used on any clothing, or armors, when use in conjunction with white armor it is extra effective against negative entities
  • Blessed Purified Water (Holy Water) - can be used to splash on negative entities either as a damaging tool or purification tool

Fear: Your Own Personal Demon

If undisciplined, uncontrolled or not understood, fear can become your worst enemy. You can see dark entities, demons, ghosts, or spirits when there are none and all you will be doing is fighting yourself and thus effected by madness.



A ritual is a set of actions and tools combined together to achieve a desired result or outcome performed in a ceremonial and esoteric manner. There are seven major parts going into a ritual:

  • The focal point
  • The representation
  • The Intent
  • The Sanctuary
  • The Action
  • The Outcome

The focal point

This is the focus of the ritual, for example you wish to read about a certain event, and then that is the focal point. Keep this in mind while doing the ritual. It will help in achieving the desired outcome.

The representation

This is the representation of the focal point. If you wish to know about this year you may wish to use the number 2012 as the representation. The representation is placed inside the funnel

The intent

The intent of having a ritual in the first place will factor in to the shape of the outcome, if the intent was bad while the ritual was to cause beneficiary goals then the outcome may not come out right. So make sure your intent are align with the main goal of the ritual.

The funnel

The funnel is the concentration of the representation. This is where the representation is placed. It can either be a pedestal or a sigil of power where the representation is placed. By doing so, this will accentuate the energy going into the focal point creating a possibility of success in the main aim of the ritual.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is where you put yourself in, the sanctuary is like another funnel but where you placed yourself; it is a field of protection, unless of course if the focal point is yourself then the funnel is indeed the sanctuary. It keeps energy in, and energy out making a field of protection which are impenetrable by usual methods. In creating a sanctuary one can create runes or sigils to wrap around yourself or simpler methods are a circle of candles or even rocks or petals of flowers depending on the type of energy you wish to convey.

The Action

On the whole is everything that is inside the ritual as well as in between it. This means you may sing, dance, speak in tongues, or draw runes in the air in order to shape or control the energy. To know if the action is working or not you will feel a certain kind of resonance inside you or a feeling in the air.

The Outcome

This is the culmination of the five previous parts acting together to achieve the resulting outcome. Do not be disappointed as affecting anything in the form of rituals takes years of practice and a lot of intent.

Lesson 1: Truth Seeking Rituals'

A truth seeking rituals are used for finding out truths or facts about a certain person, whether it is you or another subject, an object or a location.

The lesson is divided into the type of rituals, instructions, and explanation.

1a) True Name Ritual


Place a rope on the ground matching end to end in a circle. (Optional) get four candles and place them around the circle in each corner creating a square, light all of them. Sit in the middle of the circle, with your legs cross and meditate. As you meditate ask to the higher power, whoever that may be and ask for your true name Wait for the name to appear in your consciousness


In this case, both the focal point and representation are the same thing, you. The funnel and sanctuary are the same, that being the circle and the candles on the outside, this concentrate the energy on the inside and keep it there, as well as keeping other energy out. The intent is you trying to find out your true name, which is aligned with the ritual goal. The actions are you placing the rope in a ring, and placing 4 candles around it, and then sitting in the middle of it and meditating. The outcome is obvious, you finding out your true name.

1b) Finding out about a person ritual


Draw two circles on the ground 1 around the other with chalk. Place a picture or an object representing person in question in the first set of circles. Draw two circles on the ground 1 around the other with chalk about a metre away from the other circle. Place candles around the first set of circle Place candles around the second set and light all candles. Sit in the second set of circles and meditate Ask a question with your mind for the higher power to tell about that person’s characteristic Wait for the answer; it may come in the form of metaphorical images.


In this ritual, the focal point is the person in question. The representation is the picture of the person, or the object representing the person, usually an object owned by the person. The intent is to find out about the person The funnel is the first set of circles which contain the picture The sanctuary is the second set of circles and candles around it. The actions are the drawing of the circles and placement of candles, photograph/object of representation, asking of the higher power and meditation. The outcome is the finding out of the needed answer.

1c) Finding out about an object ritual


Draw two circles on the ground 1 around the other with chalk. Place a picture of the object or the object itself in the first set of circles. Draw two circles on the ground 1 around the other with chalk about a metre away from the other circle. Place candles around the first set of circle Place candles around the second set and light all candles. Sit in the second set of circles and meditate Ask a question with your mind for the higher power to tell about that object/s Wait for the answer; it may come in the form of metaphorical images.


In this ritual, the focal point is the object you are enquiring about. The representation is the picture of the photo of the object or the object itself. The intent is to find out about the object The funnel is the first set of circles which contain the picture/object The sanctuary is the second set of circles and candles around it. The actions are the drawing of the circles and placement of candles, photograph of object/object itself, asking of the higher power and meditation. The outcome is the finding out of the needed answer.

1d) finding out about a location ritual


Draw two circles on the ground 1 around the other with chalk. Place a picture or an object representing the location in question in the first set of circles. Draw two circles on the ground 1 around the other with chalk about a metre away from the other circle. Place candles around the first set of circle Place candles around the second set and light all candles. Sit in the second set of circles and meditate Ask a question with your mind for the higher power to tell about the location’s facts and details Wait for the answer; it may come in the form of metaphorical images.


In this ritual, the focal point is the location. The representation is the picture of the location, or the object representing the location, you can use a model of the location. The intent is to find out about the location. The funnel is the first set of circles which contain the picture/object of representation. The sanctuary is the second set of circles and candles around it. The actions are the drawing of the circles and placement of candles, photograph/object of representation, asking of the higher power and meditation. The outcome is the finding out of the needed answer.

Lesson 2: Fortune Telling Rituals'

Fortune telling rituals are used to tell and/or predict the future. The lesson is divided into the type of rituals, instructions, and explanation.

2a) Fortune Telling by Fire


Set up a campfire, and draw a circle around it Sits in the circle Concentrate on the fire, and says show me visions of what may come. From the image you can see in the flame, interpret what they mean.


The focal point is the future The circle in this case is regarded as both the sanctuary, and funnel The representation is the fire. Intent is to find out the future Action is setting up the circle and campfire, and asking higher power to show vision/image The outcome is the vision/image in the flame.

2b) Fortune Telling By Water


Sit in front of a bowl of water Draw circle around you and bowl of water Concentrate at the bowl of water and look at the surface Ask for visions of the future, and wait for the images to be shown.


The focal point is the future The circle in this case is regarded as both the sanctuary, and funnel The representation is the surface of water Intent is to find out the future Action is setting up the circle and bowl of water, and asking higher power to show vision/image The outcome is the vision/image in the surface of the water.

2c) Fortune Telling by Air


Draw a circle on the grass, or use a rope that wraps in a circle. Lie down in the middle of the circle and enter state of relaxation Ask higher power for visions of the future while looking up at the clouds See the image form in the clouds and interpret what they mean.


The focal point is the future The circle in this case is regarded as both the sanctuary, and funnel The representation is the clouds. Intent is to find out the future Action is setting up the circle and looking up at the clouds, and asking higher power to show vision/image The outcome is the vision/image in the clouds.

2d) Fortune Telling by Earth


Wrap a long rope in a large circle around you Ask for visions of the future from higher being Throw either rocks or bones on the dirt in front of you, while still remaining in the circle See the images form on the dirt in front of you by the bones or rocks and interpret what they mean.


The focal point is the future The circle in this case is regarded as both the sanctuary, and funnel The representation is the rocks, bones and dirt. Intent is to find out the future Action is setting up the circle, rocks or bones, and asking higher power to show vision/image The outcome is the vision/image in the dirt formed by the rocks or bones.

Lesson 3: Protection Rituals

Protection rituals are used to set a field of protection around you in a set area. The lesson is divided into the type of rituals, instructions, and explanation.

3a) Protection Ritual using visualized lines


Walk around your room and visualize a line tracing from each corner of the room Look up and visualize a line going up from floor to ceiling Look at the ceiling and trace a line from each corner to corner In effective setting up a box of protection Make sure that you think protective field as you go along. This will keep all outside entities out. This can be done for all the rooms in your house.


The focal point is your safety In this case, the funnel, sanctuary, and representation is the visualized lines The intent is your safety The action is walking around the house and visualizing lines from corner to corner The outcome being your safety

3b) Protection Ritual using item or object of representation


You need rocks, items, or toys for this. Walk around the house and placed an object on each side of the entry way you want protected While saying with this [toy] I entrust my safety Walk inside and have a rest. This ritual can be done in conjunction with the first ritual


The focal point, intent and outcome is your safety The funnel, sanctuary, and representation are the object The action being you walking around the house and placing an object infuses with your intent of your safety in different spot.

Lesson 4: Connection Severing/Binding Rituals

Connection severing ritual is used to cut any ties between two or more people, while connection binding ritual is used to tie two or more people together energy wise.

The lesson is divided into the type of rituals, instructions, and explanation.

4a) Connection Severing Ritual


Draw a magic circle on the ground Placed a picture of two or more people in it or use a piece of paper with both their names on it Draw another circle around you and the first circle Use scissors to cut the names apart while saying with this scissor I cut the connection between you.


The focal point, intent and outcome is the cutting of ties The representation is the cutting of paper or photo The sanctuary is the outer circle The funnel is the circle where the picture or paper is rested The action being you placed the photo inside a circle of power and then cutting it, and drawing a greater circle around you.

4b) Connection Binding Ritual


Draw a magic circle on a table Draw a magic circle around the table Using two dolls marked with a person’s name on it tie a rope between the dolls while saying with this rope I bind thee, with this knot you are bound.


The focal point, intent and outcome is the binding of the two people The representations are the dolls and rope. The funnel is the magic circle on the table and the table itself The sanctuary is the outer magic circle The action is you drawing the two circles, and the tying up of the two dolls with the piece of rope

Lesson 5: Cleansing/Rebirthing Rituals

Cleansing Rituals are used to removed unwanted energy from the body in effectively cleaning the body system. Rebirthing Rituals are used to realign oneself so that they may start from a completely new point in effectively starting from scratch. The lesson is divided into the type of rituals, instructions, and explanation.

5a) Cleansing Ritual


(Optional) take with you some scented candles to the bathroom and set them up around the bath, once done light the candles. Visualize lines around the bathtub Fill the bathtub with water and jump in. As you clean yourself with soap, chant “With each rubbing of the skin, I remove all unwanted grimes, cleansing away all of my taint that which kept my light faint so that my light will truly and fully grow and glow once again”.


Focal Point, Intent and outcome is to cleanse away all unwanted energy from your body system. Representation is the act of cleaning your body with soap and water. Sanctuary is the visualized lines around the bathtub The funnel is the bathtub The action is lighting of the candles, visualizing the lines around the bathtub, and cleansing your body with soap and water.

5b) Rebirthing Ritual


Draw a circle and light 4 candles around it Sit inside the circle and meditate. As you enter a relax state says “with the fire around me, burn all that sits inside this circle away, so that I may be reborn yet again” Visualize the fire around you increasing in intensity and that it spins around you wrapping around you in fire. Burning all of you away. Visualize the fire clearing away. Get up and put the fire out.


Focal Point, Intention and Outcome are the rebirthing of you spiritually. Representation is the visualization of fire burning you away. Funnel and Sanctuary is the circle. Action is the drawing of circle and lighting of candles, the visualization and the chant.

Lesson 6: Invocation/Summoning Rituals

Invocation rituals are used to bring out the inert power that lies dormant in an object or being. Summoning Rituals are used to summon either an object of power or a spiritual being. The lesson is divided into the type of rituals, instructions, and explanation.

6a) Invocation Ritual


Draw a magic circle on the ground Place a coral in the circle Draw another circle around you and the other circle. Chant “By heaven’s above I request that the coral inside the circle be invoked, bringing forth its inner energy, showing for all to see its true power and form”


Focal point, intent, representation and outcome is to bring out the coral’s inert power Funnel is the circle where the coral is placed. Sanctuary is the outer circle. Action is the drawing of the circle, placing the coral into the circle, drawing an outer circle and the chanting of those words.

6b) Summoning Ritual


Draw two magic circle, one around you and one a few metres away from you Say “By the heavens might I invoke the seal of summoning, by my life I summon thee [object of power/creature], come forth and show yourself to me”


Focal point, intent, representation and outcome is the summoning of said object of power or creature Sanctuary is the circle around you Funnel is the circle where you want the object of power to come from Action is the drawing of two circle, standing in one circle, chanting and drawing forth the object of power, or being.

Lesson 7: Enchanting Rituals

Enchanting rituals are used to imbue an element into an object of your choosing giving them that element’s properties. The lesson is divided into the type of rituals, instructions, and explanation.

7a) Enchanting object with Fire


Build a small fire Draw a circle around you and the fire Get a stick and stick it in the ground Tie a ring to the stick Say these words “Oh element of fire, the great cleanser of life, I request by these kindling I placed into you, a small gift you would give, imbue my ring with your power of fire and I promise thee I will bring you kindling every night for 5 straight night.


Focal point, intent, and outcome are the imbuing of the ring with fire element. Sanctuary, and funnel is the circle Representation is the fire burning Actions is the chanting, drawing of the circle, and promise of feeding the fire with kindling for five straight nights.

7b) Enchanting object with Nature


Place a rock within a circle Draw a circle around you Oh Mother Earth, I request of thee bring forth great nature inside this stone, imbued with your growth, and nurture it to full bloom, do this for me and I will water the plants for five straight days.


Focal point, intent, and outcome are the imbuing of the stone with nature Sanctuary, and funnel are the circles Representation is the rock inside the circle Actions is the chanting, drawing of the circle, and promise of watering the plants for five straight days.

7c) Enchanting object with Wind


On a windy day Draw a circle and placed a stick with a ring tied to it at the centre of the circle Draw another circle around you Say these words “Oh god of wind, oh breath of air, I plead to you breathe on this ring, so that it may hold some properties of your abilities. Do this and I will open my window for you for 5 straight night and 5 straight days.


Focal point, intent, and outcome are the imbuing of the ring with wind element. Sanctuary, and funnel are the circles Representation is the wind blowing Actions is the chanting, drawing of the circle, and promise of opening of the windows for five straight nights and five straight days.

7d) Enchanting object with Lightning


On a stormy day Draw a circle and placed a stick with a ring tied to it at the centre of the circle Draw another circle around you Say “Oh mighty storm, roaring out mighty sound, searer of sky, strike that ring down, bring forth its power and give it your strength, do this and I will prostrate before your magnificence.


Focal point, intent, and outcome are the imbuing of the ring with lightning. Sanctuary, and funnel are the circles Representation is the storm outside Actions is the chanting, drawing of the circles, and promise of prostrating to the storm.


Introduction to Runes

Runes are letters or symbol of power which are in essence alive in their own being. It should thus be regarded as the code of life. Each runes represent an aspect or meaning for example one could mean protect, the other fire. Depending on the intent this could mean protect from fire or a fire that protects. Runes therefore could be used to chain together, same type of runes can be used to chain together as much as different types.

How to Gather Runes?

Runes can be gathered by way of sitting at a campfire and meditating while looking at the fire. As you look at it says "Show me the symbols of power of my heart and desire, show me the runes of which I seek, and make it so I understand them in mind, heart and in soul". This can be done by visualizing a fire in front of you or by sitting at a physical fire. But after saying the words, images of these symbols should start to form in the fire, you will also know what they stand for and what it means. Keep looking until all symbols are gone.

Usage of Runes

  • As a ward
  • As a basis for invocation
  • Place on your own body as a protective ward (tatoo)
  • Part of any spells


Introduction to Sealing

Sealing is the art of placing a demon, ghost, spirits, other entities, and energy inside an object, location and/or being and disallowing them from escaping the chosen vessel/s.

What is needed in order to seal

  • The Vessel/s
  • The target that is going to be sealed
  • The Identity Mark (optional)

The Vessel/s

This is the thing that will hold the target you want sealed. The target that is going to be sealed This is the target you wish sealed within the vessel/s. The Identity Mark (Optional) You do not need to place this upon the vessel/s but with it at least you know what is in that vessel/s and the importance of the vessel/s currently containing the target. The Three Types of Vessel/s There are three types of vessels, object, location and being.


When you are sealing an entity within an object, all you need is intent, willpower and belief. You can start off by sealing the entity within the roll of toilet paper, bar of soap, or toothbrush. It is recommended that you do not use objects which had the shapes of a movable object, as you may accidentally give the entity a moving vessel. It is also further recommended that sealing will only be used as the last option, when you cannot deal with the issue at that point in time and needed more time or the teamwork of others in order to fully exorcise the entity. Do not ever use dead bodies or part of it, doing so will give it a highly resistant body.


It is highly recommended that you do not seal any entity into a location or area, as in effect you could create a haunting of for example an entire house. Not only is it harder to exorcise the entity from that location due to the moving aspect of the entity. Do this only sparingly, example when there is something which is extremely big that you cannot move from that spot, or when there are multiple targets that you want sealed away at the same time.


Sealing inside a living must never be done, unless of course if the entity is already inside the vessel, and sealing it will stop it from doing any further damage and also if you got permission from the vessel but in all aspect do not ever seal an entity inside a living being.

How to do a sealing?

In order to do a sealing, you must be aware of what you want to seal away, have a vessel at the ready and as an option a marking symbol that represents the thing you want sealed. Process: By the power of [Higher being] I seal you, [entity/entities] away inside this [object/location/being] -> give reason why and end the sealing.

Identity Mark (Optional)

While it is not needed an identification mark of the entity is useful, if you want to know what and where it is, having an identity mark is important.


Introduction to Seals

Otherwise known as Sigils or Magic Circles. Whereas the runes should be regarded as the code of life, the seals should be regarded as the program, and thus rituals are the operating systems. Seals are usually comprised of a circle, with many lines and shapes such as stars, triangles or squares inside the circle with runes in between the spaces. The lines and shapes act as separators, links or connectors between each codes to make the seal (program) work.

Forming a Seal

A seal can be formed by knowing what runes, shapes and lines does. A good seal is comprised of all of those factors. But that does not mean a simple circle with one dot is not as effective in doing a simple ritual or spell, it can be as effective if not more so. But a complex seal could do what a simple seal cannot, it can have added affects such as protection from different sources or hard to removed or revoke.

Usage of Seals

  • Can be used to seal in entities, energy sources or gateways.
  • Can act as a focal point for channelling in energy
  • Can be used as a shield, a barrier or a complex warding mechanism
  • Can be used as a gateway to a different reality or plane of existence


Introduction to Shapeshifting

Shapeshifting is the art of partially or fully changing your body into that of another being, whether through individual person, gender or species (natural or mythological). Warning when you change fully you adapt an aspect of that thing which you transformed into, with time you can believe that you are that entity and forgot all about you (this is especially so with mythological creatures).

How to become a shapeshifter?

Start off small, concentrate on the roots of your hair, maybe just one strand and slowly change its pigmentation through force of will, once that is mastered, go on to eye color changing. Start off with colors, then move on to shaping partially, and when that is easy on you move on again to fully shift.

Interesting thing about this ability

With enough willpower and experience you can shift someone else either by way of a curse (vampirism, and/or weres) or the form of a gift (granting them the ability to change).


Introduction to Shielding

Shielding is the act of manipulating energy to make it form a shield either in front of you, around you, an object, a location or another being in order to protect those things.

Types of Shielding

  • One Side Shielding
  • All Body Shielding
  • Shielding over object or locations, also known as warding or barriers
  • Elemental Shielding.
  • Holy Shielding

One Side Shielding

One side shielding are normally shields which are erected in front of you, to stop any type of energy or entities from intruding the front or back side of you.

All Body Shielding

This is the type of shield that wraps around the whole body as a spherical field or simply wrap about the body in an energy armor or cloak.


This is a type of shielding that go over a location or object either to protect the object, keep people away from it, or set an alarm, it can also be used as a trigger in invoking traps.

Elemental Shielding

This type of shielding is concentrated on weaving elements into the shield in order to ward off certain elements.

Holy Shielding

This type of shielding is done by weaving holy positive energy into the shield in effect protecting you from unholy negative energy.

Effective Usage of Shielding

The most effective usage of shielding is by combining and merging of different type of shields in order to protect yourself or what you need protecting. Remember the three level of magic if you want to make or sustain a good shield.

Spirit Guides

Introduction to Spirit Guides

Spirit guides as opposed guardian spirits, are there to guide you, more often than not they will appear as humans or humanoid shape. They are there to provide advice to you in case you ever need it. But like all guides they can be wrong, and judgement must be made by your own heart.

How to find your spirit guides?

Go in a meditative state, and look up inside your mind. Seek and you shall find, open your heart and open your mind and one or more will find you.


Introduction to Summoning

Summoning is the art of calling into being an entity or object at a certain location or area either through use of a seal, ritual, invocation or spell.

Process of Summoning

I [name] by the power of [higher being] call into being within this seal/symbol a [whatever you choose to summon/spiritual familiar/guardian spirits/higher beings] of which I will pay by [performing a task].

Things you can summon

  • Angels
  • Spiritual familiars
  • Spiritual entities
  • Elementals
  • Guardian Spirits

Surfaces Emulation

Introduction to Surfaces Emulation

Surfaces emulation is the art of turning yourself partially or fully to match the various surfaces, whether it be iron, copper, rocks or glasses. Warning while turning partially or fully into solid objects should not bring about you too much problems, turning into liquid, air like state or multi-textured surfaces could and can really mess you up in the way of turning into liquid or air and not be able to come back.

How to emulate surfaces?

Touch any surfaces, wood, iron or rock and with just a finger try and emulate its hardness and texture, by moving around your particles and rearranging them in the same order as that object then test out your finger by poking doors, or various objects to see if it makes a dent. Once this part is learned enough you can move on to either more textures, hardness or even to turn fully into those surfaces.

Talismans and Amulets

Introduction to Talismans and Amulets

Talismans and amulets are artifacts which contain hidden power, which can either be used to protect, channel energy, be invoked or used as part of a whole (example it can only do what it is supposed to do, if the amulet, bracelet and circlet are there).

Creating Talismans and/or Amulets

Talismans and amulets can be created by one of two ways:

  • Infusing it with energy
  • Sealing within the artefact a servant entity (Phoenix, sprite, and will-o-wisp)


Introduction to Tattoo

Ever notice the various tribal civilizations with tattoos all over their skins? If you have then you have good eyes. Those tattoos that some people wear is usually done as a sign of courage but there are more to it than that. Tattoos are images, pictures, and in some case letters. These are, yep, symbols of power. Back in the old day, before they are considered cool, they are used to ward off negative entities, granting you power, courage, or just plain protection.

Ways of getting a tattoo

  • Go to a tattoo parlour and pick a good symbol to be used on you
  • Do it yourself, this is not recommended.
  • Draw temporary tattoos, using ink
  • Draw temporary tattoos, by tracing symbols of power with your finger while pouring in energy as you do so.

Usage of tattoos

  • Enhanced resistance, strengths, and any other physical attributes
  • Increase morale, and/or courage
  • Grant abilities according to the runes/symbols placed.


Introduction to Telepathy

Telepathy is the ability to read people's mind, either in the form of written words, images, or voices. If you are in tune with someone, especially if you know them for a long time, you can read the way of their thinking if not their thought in its purest form.

How to gain telepathy?

If you know how to read/scan, then you have a degree of telepathy. You simply get in tune with their energy and link in with their mind. If they are not open to it, you could feel dizzy spell, otherwise you will feel more connected to that person. Once you have linked in, messages will start to form in your mind.

The Three Level of Magic

The Three Level of Magic

  • Level 1: Basic
  • Level 2: Intermediate
  • Level 3: Advance

Level 1: Basic

In order to use magic at a basic level you must understand the three core concepts.

  • Intent
  • Willpower
  • Belief


If you do not have set intent, then the magic will lack an ending goal that is it will have no point to it and thus become useless.


Willpower power most of the magic, it is willpower that allows you to create a strong magic, without willpower, the magic is weak and does hardly anything.


Belief, is the belief in your magic, and that it can do what you want it to do, without that inherent belief in your capability of performing that magic, it will dwindle to nothing.

Level 2: Intermediate

At an Intermediate level, it is important for the utilization of three core concepts

  • Focus
  • Sensing
  • Shaping


Focus becomes very important in casting magic at the intermediate level, while it is good to have intent, willpower, and belief, focus will allow you to have a greater control over your magic, allowing you to pinpoint the whereabouts the magic should go rather than it going everywhere but go to a certain point.


Sensing allows you to sense the situation, and what is needed, so you use your magic in a more efficient manner, not overusing the amount of power and using minimal amount of what is needed. Without sensing/awareness you could be using an elephant to get rid of ants.


Shaping allows you to shape the magic you are using, for example turning it into an arrow, a blade, or a cut to accentuate the way it behaves, for example a cut would not be as effective in healing, and neither will a sprinkling of dust be used effectively as an attack.

Level 3: Advance

In Advance level of Magic it is important to under the three concepts

  • Knowing
  • Understanding
  • Becoming


Knowing goes into knowing what the magic you are casting is, is it light, dark, pain, pleasure, calm, or conflict. Knowing the magic means you know what to do with it and how to counter it.


Understanding is understanding how the magic in itself works, yes it is light, and it is a healing type, but how does it go into healing, an effective understanding allows you to use the magic efficiently, with the greatest effect and little loss of energy.


Becoming/being is the act of being/becoming the magic in itself, you are the magic, and the magic is you, it is merely an extension of you, your intent, willpower, belief, focus, sensing, shaping, knowing, and understanding it is all of these and more. By becoming/being the magic you understand that if you use it incorrectly then it is likely that there will be ramifications towards you, you become more responsible with magic and thus know the when, how, what, who, where, and why.

Three Fold Healing

Three Fold Healing

The Three Fold Healing is a healing method whereby the healer aims to heal the 3 aspect of a person,

  • Divine
  • Earth
  • Spirit

Divine Healing

Divine healing concentrates on healing the chakra points, especially that of the higher self. You first start off by visualizing clearing out the negative energy away from the chakra centers in this order.

  1. Solar Plexus
  2. Heart Chakra
  3. Third Eye
  4. Throat Chakra
  5. Sacral Chakra
  6. Crown Chakra
  7. Root Chakra

Solar Plexus

The center of self, willpower, confidence, and self belief

Heart Chakra

Love, emotions, and compassion

Third Eye

Mental realm, seeing, logic, and reasoning

Throat Chakra

Expression, creativity, and communication

Sacral Chakra

Sex, passion, and desire

Crown Chakra

Dreams, imagination, foresight, and the higher self

Root Chakra

Ground, discipline, and responsibility Once you have cleanse the chakra centers, it is time to go to the next phase, balancing it.

Balancing the Chakra Centers

To balance it you need to sense out each chakra center and see if it’s off balance or not, If for example the sacral chakra is overactive, you will feel more lustful when studying that chakra point. So you need to just adjust the flow of energy. You will know when it is balanced, when you feel at ease and at one with self.

Healing the Chakra Centers

Next step is to heal the Chakra Centres, upon studying each individual chakra centers you will notice pangs of injuries or pain within the centers. If any of the center feels off, you may then either balance it, or send healing or regenerative energy into it. If you send healing energy you have more control of the healing and can choose to heal whatever part of the chakra center. This is good for testing out things like why that center is affected, you can then trace it back to the cause of the injury. If however you choose to send regenerative energy into the chakra center the center will then heal itself, good for moving on to the next center without concentrating too much on the previous center.

Healing the Higher Self

Sometimes your higher self will need healing too, your higher self is basically your consciousness that resides in the upper planes of existence. Just like here you will eventually encounter scratch marks and such, so its good to heal that part too.

Earth Healing

Healing physical, mental and emotional pain.

Physical Healing=

Best method of physical healing is to treat it with medicines, or band aids or in worst case scenarios go see a doctor or hospital. But physical healing can be done with slight massages around tender areas, on nerves leading to that area, and following the blood vessels to that area. Alternatively you could use a bit of healing energy and pouring it into affected area while massaging around that area. The other good form of healing is to take a bath. A clean body boosts your immune systems, so if your body is clean it is less likely you will be affected by any viruses.

Mental Healing

When your mind is confused or having too much inside, you will be unable to make a clear decision. So the best course of action to take is if someone is affected by this, tell them to sit down, and listen to their worries and fears and maybe give them support where they need it. Once they have rid them self of these worries, fears and unconfused themselves they will be able to move on with life.

Emotional Healing

Everyone is affected by their emotions one time or another in their life, whether it be depression, feeling of loneliness or unloved. Everyone just need to talk it out with someone. If you can be that someone, then you can begin the process of healing their heart.

Spirit Healing

This concentrate on two aspects, Soul and Aura Healing. There are two phases, cleaning and healing.

First Phase: Spirit Cleaning

In the first phase, we cleanse the spirit from outside in, starting with the aura and working in to the Soul

Aura Cleaning

The aura is the energy field surrounding us, if it is affected by anything, we may feel unsafe, paranoid, or agitated. So we begin by touching and sensing the aura of the person, and then slowly removing any negative energy from it until we are at the soul itself.

Soul Cleaning

Now that we are at the soul, you can see how bright it is, if it is sickly, or injured the person could feel unjust pain in that affected area without actually having physical marks or scratches, so remove whatever it is that's affecting it, and destroy or keep it somewhere, where it is under your watchful eye to be dealt at a later time.

Second Phase: Spirit Healing

In the second phase, we heal the spirit, we are now at the soul, so we heal from inside out.

Soul Healing

After removing those nasty things from the soul, you should now be able to see that the soul will heal itself, you can boost that speed up more by sending positive healing or regenerative energy inside the soul, and the soul will be healed. Once heal the pain should disappear and they can function normally again.

Aura Healing

Now that we healed the soul, we can move on to the Aura, with a strong foundation, the Aura itself should be stronger as well, touch affected area, and send healing or regenerative energy into the Aura and watch the aura close its wounds. Once gone, the person will feel less irritated, at ease, and safe as they use to be.

Three Part Blessing

Three Part Blessing

The Three Part Blessing is a three part process whereby the object, location, and/or being is cleansed, purified and then blessed.

The Cleansing

The cleansing part of this process is to literally clean the object, location or being in question using soap. Water, or spray n wipes. By cleaning it, from grimes, dirt, and/or blood you make the object, location or being in question have a positive vibe about it.

The Purification

The purification part of the process concentrate on purifying the soul, or central energy of the object, location or being. You do this by washing it with love and light energy, erasing all hatred and darkness within it. By doing so it resets it to its original energy pattern if it were made of light and love.

The Blessing

The blessing part of the process imbue the object, location or being with holy power, thus increasing the resistance against darkness and making it more effective against dark energy. You do this by requesting from higher being to grant you the ability to imbue the object, location or being in question with certain power which will help you in warding against that darkness.


If you choose to do this to a person, it is considered wise and polite to ask for permission to do so, to do otherwise would be infringing upon their freewill. The other thing that must be noted is that by purifying a person there is a high risk of you yourself getting into a dangerous situation, or at least a situation you do not wish to be placed


Introduction to Totems

Totems are your spirit animal/s much like your spirit guides, but they come in the shape of animal/s, each totem has a lesson to teach, and as each lessons are learnt, more spirit animals will approach you with new lessons.

More about totems

To learn more about totems click here.

How to find your own totem?

Enter a meditative state, clear your mind, still your heart, and reach out with your senses. The first animal/s that come to you are your totem animals.

Tri-Aspect Reading

Tri-Aspect Reading

The tri-aspect reading concentrate on three different aspects of a person

  • Divine - miracles, healing, chances, mind magic, fates and etc.
  • Earth - physical strength, attributes, resistance, metabolism, elemental attunements and etc
  • Spirit - soul, aura, channeling, possession and etc.

Divine Reading

When doing a divine reading, concentrate on that person's ability to affect chances, fates, the abnormal, e.g. healing, affecting luck, controlling people's fates etc.

Earth Reading

When doing Earth Reading, concentrate on their physical attributes with your senses, either by empathy, or remote viewing. See them as they are, look into their mind, and see how they use their logic and reasoning. How good their eye sights are, what is their arm strength? And etc. Aside from this also look into their metabolism, their regenerative ability and what elements they are attune with.

Spirit Reading

When doing a Spirit Reading, look into their interactions with souls, spirits, demons, ghosts, and see how they act or react to them. Explain what you see in your own words. Their ability with aura works and their ability in term of spirits.


When doing any reading it is important to ask for permission to read them, as doing the reading without permission is considered rude and can be taken as an offense by others.


Introduction to Unsealing

Unsealing is the act of removing a seal from the area, target or being it’s affecting.

Ways of Unsealing

  • Force of Will
  • Erasing of specific symbol/s within the seal
  • Unlocking the seal
  • Astral Warp Clear
  • Unsealing by brute force and willing it away

To remove a seal by force of will, you must concentrate on the seal, scan it for its weak point, and with pure focus and intent smash at with all your willpower at that point. If done correctly, the seal will shatter into bits. To will away a shield, connect your conscious, your awareness, etc. to the seal. After doing that imagine removing all links to the original creator gone and begin to want it to go away more than it wants to stay there. While there is no such thing as something you cannot will away, because willpower is truly unlimited, you may not be able to will away a seal because you are not putting enough will into it.

Unsealing by erasure of specific symbol/s

This method requires a bit more time, but by studying the seal, and discovering key symbols or lines which holds together the seal, just by willing the erasure of that key piece will the entire seal collapse on itself. Only a small percent of shields you will meet will contain symbols on them, and an even smaller percent will make them necessary to the structural integrity of the seal. So when removing symbols be careful, because many popular Rune systems like Elder Futhark have diverse and double meanings that will often backfire on you if you try to remove them.

Unsealing by unlocking

More often than not seals act as a form of locks, and in usual case scenario, can be unlocked in pretty much the same fashion. This could either be the fastest or the longest method depending upon the complexity of the seal, assuming it is a basic seal. By studying the seal, you will understand what the key of the seal is, or look like. All the information should be in the seal itself, unless its an advancely made seal. Sometimes the key is inside the seal itself and as such you could just move one symbol to activate the unlocking, or sometimes it takes items like an actual key or sometimes symbolic items like water or blood. An energy build up seal will not be affected by this method, due to the nature of the shield. Inverted shield seals are the most susceptible to this plan of attack.

Unsealing by Astral Warp Clear

Until an astral warp page is created there will be an explanation on how to make one here.

Creation of an Astral Warp

An astral warp is a small opening to the Astral Realm/Plane that a psion/mage/occultist opens and wraps around their body to send anything to the infinite space that is the astral. To create one visualise the division between the physical world and astral and begin to warp them together, if done properly an astral warp will have been created.

Unsealing with Astral Warp

First create an astral warp, expand it until it touches the seal. Keep expanding and the seal will be sent into the Astral Plane/Realm. This works to safely remove most seals except for energy blockage ones.


Protect yourself before unsealing, you do not know what else could be triggered during an unsealing, a trap, a spell, a summoning or something else entirely.


Introduction to Warding

Warding is the act of energetically protecting an object, location and/or area in order to keep people or entities away from said target either by placing a rune, symbol of power on the thing in question. Warding can also be used as an alarm or in order to trigger an invocation of spells or magic.

Difference Between Warding and Shielding

Shielding is the conscious act of putting up a barrier in front or around yourself, whereas warding once placed onto target each time the target is in danger, the ward is activated.

Types of Warding

  • Warding an object
  • Warding an area and/or location
  • Alarm Warding
  • Trigger Warding

Object Warding

Warding an object is done by way of placing a symbol of power or runes on the object in order to protect it from being used or stolen by other people or entities. The ward could cause a burn on the person or entities if is removed by unauthorized users.

Area/Location Warding

To ward off an area/location the ward is usually placed on a door or wall of the place you want safe and free from being breached. Anyone who breached the area could feel uneasy, sickness, alert the warder and/or trigger some other nasty side effects.

Alarm Warding

Sometimes a ward does not have to be easily recognizable, it could just be a part of an area that is invisible to the naked eye or just a crack on the wall. Touching this spot or area around it could trigger off an alarm that could alert the person who placed the ward.

Trigger Warding

In trigger warding, a ward is placed on an object or area in order for when it is observed, touched or read could trigger off a spell or some kind of invocation.

Effective Usage of Warding

Just like shielding, best usage of warding is through combining and merging the different types of wards and powering it with great intent, willpower and belief.

White Light

Introduction to White Light

White Light is the embodiment of pure positive energy. It is most commonly used in healing, purification, and/or protection. Because of the malleability of white light it can be used for almost anything. Depending on the shape it takes it could range from a suit of armour, a cloak, a weapon, a tool, a shield, energy for healing or for purification.

Usage of White Light

By shaping it into a form of a weapon, it could be used as a weapon against negative entities or energy, by shaping it like a shield or barrier it could be use to protect, By shaping it as a flute, it could be use an instrument to put negative entities to sleep or otherwise. The sky is the limit with white light. You can practically do anything with white light with perhaps exception to protecting you from an oncoming truck or other physical danger.

The Way Of Learning It

First thing you need to do, is feeling your positive energy. Feel it as completely white energy glowing. What I like to do is cleanse myself from negative energy, basically sense your negative energy and push it out then see yourself as completely positive.

White Light Ball

Make your White Light Energy go into your hands. Make it flow like a river into your hands, no force only if you want to apply force to it. Then form a ball of White Light, you can also make a psi ball THEN add white light to it. Which is up to you.

White Light Blast

Similar to the previous technique, this time though make it go into Just one of your hands and add some force to it basically see it as just white energy instead of just a flowing river. But do what works best for you. Then just blast it out and release, what you also can do is make it go to your arm. And compact it there then release it, and blast it through your hand.


Introduction to Beastmastery

Beastmastery is the art of guiding, understanding and communicating with animals of various species if not all of them. Some beastmaster would add controlling and manipulating to the definition but when you piss an animal off, especially something like a tiger you won't have long left to live.

How to become a beastmaster?

Start off small, a dog, a cat, a bird are fine example. Learn to speak not just with your words, but with actions and mind. Become one with them, learn from their way, and understand what makes them, then you can ask them to do stuff for you, guide their actions and if you become part of their family, they will protect you.


Introduction to Hypnotism

Hypnotism is the art of making mental suggestion or programming a person to do what they want either with their words, body language or with their eyes.

How to do a hypnotism?

Start off small, speak softly and succinctly to the intended person, if you want a person to walk a certain way, you can slowly walk near them invading their personal space, they will automatically move away in an opposite direction. To use your eyes as a focal point for hypnotism, look straight into their eye and send out a warm and welcoming energy so that they will trust you, smile to enforce this. To hypnotize using your voice, use soft, smooth and calming intonation, say good things about them, make them feel good and then add things that you want done for you and how good this would make you feel, you make them feel good, they want to make you feel good. Eventually you will be good enough to hypnotize with less actions than you would be using at the start.

How to guard against hypnotism?

Be aware of your surroundings, if you start feeling dizzy, look for the source of that dizziness and find a way to avoid it or get away from it. Watch for people's body language, eyes movement, voice intonation and the path they are walking.


Introduction to Illusion

Illusion is the art of making people see images or sense things that are not there, effectively creating a synthetic experience in their mind.

How to create an illusion?

This is a form of reverse telepathy, instead of picking up images, thoughts, or ideas in people. Though you are still connected with them, you project thoughts, ideas, images, and other sensation inside their mind. Start off small, send tiny thoughts patterns to them, you can do this while sleeping or meditating to make it easier on you.

Eventually you will be good enough to do this with bigger experiences projecting into their mind, remember you can effectively make people go crazy over this, so do this when you have good reasons to and if ever you truly become skillful at it then you can use illusion on the mind of not just one but multiple minds.

How to guard against illusion?

Question everything, if you are starting to see stuff or feel things that other are clearly not experiencing then look for proof that your experience is real, if you can't find any, then it’s probably caused by an illusion. However if you have proof, then it’s most likely your reality is being manipulated and that's a whole other fish to fry.

Mind Scrambling

Introduction to Mind Scrambling

Mind scrambling is the act of scrambling the memory and/or the workings of someone's mind. By doing so, you are capable of making people feel confuse, not be able to form a logical and rational conclusion or able to operate in the normal way, such as confusing their arms for their legs.

How to scramble people's mind?

Place your hand on someone's head and infuse it with energy, either explosive or electrical. If using explosive energy, push this in to their memory section and watch the fireworks go off. If using electrical energy just send it in all kind of direction through the brain itself. The brain is made up of nerve endings, which is akin to many lines of electricity, pushing electricity in it will disrupt the flow and thus scramble their mind.

How to guard against this?

Reinforce everything with energy to make your mind and memory strong and grounded or simply have up a mental shield that no one is allow entry.


Introduction to Regalia

Regalia is a name for the latent ability of having a kingly presence or queenly presence. You either have it or you don't. You can't really gain it unless you went through great amount of change that is either caused by trauma or near death. It is the ability that lends to you a commanding presence, and the charisma for other to follow and trusts in your decisions making.

How to train in it?

If you have it, then learn more about leadership skills, understanding of others either by body language or ways of thinking.


Introduction to Seduction

Seduction is the art of making another person want you in a sexual way thus able to manipulate them. It is also one of the worst enemy of an exorcist, to watch out for sexual temptation, as that could seriously impair your decision making skills. For example if you are very easily distracted by the picture in this article and cannot look away from it then you are weak to seduction method.

Why seduce?

People seduce another to get what they want or to do what they want them to do. But seduction does not have to be for the benefit of the seducer but can be to the benefit of the one getting seduced. For example seducing them to do what they would normally do, opening new doors to them that they don't normally see. As a result seduction can be use both positively and negatively depending on the seducer's intention and motivation.

How to seduce guys?

Guys love to get their ego stroked, whether it be through verbal compliments or complimentary action. Showing the nape of your neck and bending your head back slightly to get his attention, touching and tracing the neckline to cleavage, slowly opening eyelids and taking a sideward glance at him and smile in a demurring fashion, comb your hair in front of him, touch his shoulder and trace down his chest slightly, look up at him, are some ways to do it physically. You may also use your voice to speak huskily or to giggle in a cute and short manner to laugh at his jokes but not at him. Tell him how strong, suave, intelligent, and great he is will stroke his ego. Energetically you may connect your throat chakra to his sacral chakra and pulsate energy in to his chakra as you speak, and/or direct it to his solar plexus and/or third eye to stroke his sense of self and his intelligence. You may also send pulse from your root chakra to his sacral, solar plexus or third eye, so that he will see you as attractive to his very being, the way of his thinking or way to satisfy his sexual craving.

How to seduce girls?

Girls, don't get me wrong like to get their ego stroked too, but for them it is different. It matters less to them that they are seen as intelligent, they want their heart strings pulled, to feel one spiritually and for their beauty to be admired. Say sweet words about them, be indirect, compliment the way they dress, girls are used to be complimented about their beauty, but saying they have beautiful eyes are fine, compliment stuff that they don't normally get complimented on, say they look elegant. Girls are attracted to guys who dress well, not really about looks but more about how well you handle yourself, be confident and assist them when they need it. If they trip be right there to catch and push them back to balance, pat them on the shoulder, ask if they are ok. Confuse them, treat them like a friend, and yet compliment them. Make no move toward them and let them make the first move. Be assertive, and lean toward them but make no move to touch, invade their space but briefly. Send mix signals to get their interests. Energetically pulse your solar plexus, throat, and root to their sacral, heart, and/or crown chakra this will give them the feeling that the way you behave, the way you are, and the way you look is highly attractive to the girls in an emotional, spiritual and lustful way.

How to recognize seduction in progress?

Whether you are a guy or a girl this does not matter, if you are feeling as if they are closing in on your space, smiling and laughing at your jokes even though they are not that funny, say how good you are, and how funny or witty you are, how good you look, sidelong glances, and touching shoulder or in a dominating manner while looking into your eyes. These are the signals for you to see that you are being seduced. Energetically if you feel that you suddenly feel attracted for some unknown reason, they could be energetically manipulating or stroke your chakra to get you interested in them, the more they stroke the higher the feeling of attraction.

Best ways to counter a seduction in progress

Best way to counter a seduction is to counter seduce, flirt with them get them to fall for you, rather than you fall for them, whether you do this with your actions, behaviour, speech or by way of energy stimulation. Another way would be to cut off entirely and ignore them, this is harder to do but it can be done when you recognize the sign of seduction in progress, you can also send static disruption to connected chakra points between you two which will disrupts the flow of energy and put them off balance in their seduction.


This category house all articles that are in ordinary case forbid from usage.


Introduction to Awakening

Awakening is the act of stimulating all chakra points to each of their highest limits at the time then aligned together to become one whole energy ball, thus connecting all chakra points together as one and then further stimulating this new energy to reach its fullest capabilities.

Why this is forbidden?

Doing this to those who aren't ready is akin to giving them a gun without a license to use the gun, lessons on responsible usage, and lessons on how to use it.

Cosmic Energy

Introduction to Cosmic Energy

Cosmic Energy is pure divine energy, when you are chosen to receive cosmic energy, you basically get access to unlimited energy and has the ability to go beyond the normal when performing energy manipulation techniques. You do not get tired so easily nor drained, as you refill in energy that much quicker.

Why this is forbidden?

This is obviously overpowered for most people, it is like giving a 3 year old kid a bazooka for a present. Nothing good will come out of it.

Fate Manipulation

Introduction to Fate Manipulation

This can only be done when you got time stream awareness, universal awareness and some degree of cosmic energy. Fate Manipulate is the influencing of people's fate or life line in either good or dire ways.

Why this is forbidden?

Cut the wrong thread, you are dead, your family dead, the world blows up, or the universe imploded. Good call buddy.


Introduction to Heartless

Heartless is the name of an act of removing or erasing emotions one feel toward another person. This in effect is nastier than mind wiping, as it can make a person unfeeling.

Why is this forbidden?

Ever been treated like dirt? Yes, this method in effect can make a person treat another like this. Danger of this is obviously you can make them become a heartless cold killing machine or just little more than a robot.

Influencing Connections

Introduction to Influencing Connections

To be able to do this you need to have cosmic energy, timestream awareness, and universal empathy. This is the art of influencing people's connections, you can make someone hate another person, love them madly or push yearlong friends apart.

Why this is forbidden?

Messing around with people's emotions will get you kill if not cause a conflict or worst case scenario a war between many civilizations. Not to be mess with.


Introduction to Limitless

Limitless is the art of removing the varying physical limits placed upon the body to keep you from over usage and thus causing yourself irreparable injuries or just plain dying. This could range from increased strength, speed, stamina or regenerative ability.

Why is this forbidden?

You could die! If done on someone else, they could die!

Mind Wiping

Introduction to Mind Wiping

Mind wiping is the act of removing or wiping out specific or group memories from a certain person. Either to stop people from remembering certain things or keep them from doing something that is either harmful to themselves or others.

Why is this forbidden?

Obviously this could seriously put holes in people's memories and make them feel disjointed and in worst case scenarios make them completely a vegetable.

Overpowering Presence Introduction to Overpowering Presence Overpowering presence is a latent ability which can be activated by training your aura to become strong enough to radiate your willpower and intent. Why is this forbidden? If the intent is strong enough, you could literally scare other people to death. Page 245 of 255 SIDDHARTA’S GUIDEBOOK Primal Force Introduction to Primal Force Primal force exists on the opposite end of cosmic energy, whereas the latter is considered universal and the all energy, primal force is the inner centrifugal bestial force inside us. The kind of force that lend to us our ferocity, strength, passion, drive and the need to overcome challenges. Why is this forbidden? This could make you overly aggressive, pushing you to the brink of psychopathy, becoming more beast like, and driven only by instinct, which could either come in the form of satisfying lust, the need for destruction or the joy of killing. Page 246 of 255 SIDDHARTA’S GUIDEBOOK Reality Manipulation Introduction to Reality Manipulation Reality manipulation is the act of changing the rule of how reality works either around yourself, another person, specific area, a whole group of people or across vast expanses. Why is this forbidden? You could make it so, one person feel something unique, and is totally different from everyone else. Making their experience only real to them and no one else. Thus exiling them or worst killing them off without a trace. Page 247 of 255 SIDDHARTA’S GUIDEBOOK Sphere of Influences Introduction to Sphere of Influences This requires you to have Universal Empathy and Timestream Awareness. The sphere of influences allows you to see who is being influences by whom, and who they themselves influences. By sensing who influences who, one can make better judgement on what kind of actions to make. Why this is forbidden? Sensing too much will make you go off the wall, gets you cranky, or make you terribly sad. This could make you antisocial as you don't want to be influenced by anyone or make you a social butterfly. Page 248 of 255 SIDDHARTA’S GUIDEBOOK Sphere of Possibilities Introduction to Sphere of Possibilities The Sphere of Possibilities can only be access when you have full control of Timestream Awareness and Universal Awareness. Without these two abilities you won't be able to do the Sphere of Possibilities. The sphere shows you all possible actions, reactions, results and other possible effects as a result of your action and what led to you being there as a result. Knowing this allow you to predict movement and behaviour of other people and seeing all possibilities you can make. Page 249 of 255 SIDDHARTA’S GUIDEBOOK Why this is forbidden? If you cannot handle this, you will go absolutely paranoid, thinking that others are going to do things to you that will never happen, this will drive you in a corner of your own action. Page 250 of 255 SIDDHARTA’S GUIDEBOOK Timestream Awareness Introduction to Timestream Awareness As Universal Awareness is the knowing of everything all at once, Timestream Awareness is the knowing of who you once were, what you never were, who you are, who you are not, who you will be, and never will be. Why this is forbidden? If you cannot handle this, you could be reduce to a slobbering mess, even though you knew who you were or what you will be, that does not mean you know who you are, what you are, where you are, why you are and most importantly when Page 251 of 255 SIDDHARTA’S GUIDEBOOK you are. You would be in such a state of confusion and not knowing, that you are a drooling moron. Page 252 of 255 SIDDHARTA’S GUIDEBOOK Universal Awareness Introduction to Universal Awareness Universal Awareness is the knowledge side of Cosmic Energy, instead of a huge power upgrade you get a huge knowledge upgrade (inner and outer) at a universal level. You gain idea of all knowledge ever existed, don't be surprise if you can suddenly understand alien languages or understand runes symbol that you have no idea what it means before. Why this is forbidden? If you can't handle this amount of information, then you go bat shit crazy. You might start talking to trees, rubbish bins and maybe even light beams. As a real life example, Page 253 of 255 SIDDHARTA’S GUIDEBOOK I was at one stage arguing with my own tongue as a side effect of getting Universal Awareness. Page 254 of 255 SIDDHARTA’S GUIDEBOOK Universal Empathy Introduction to Universal Empathy Universal Empathy is the other side of Universal Awareness, as opposed to being filled with knowledge you become more connected to your emotions at a universal level, feeling the emotions of all around you, and able to understand their pain and trauma. Why this is forbidden? This could really make you cry, if you are already a powerful empath, this will make it worst, sensing and feeling everyone's sadness will make you a sobbing mess, feeling their happiness will have you bounce off the wall. The mood swings will just be intolerable. Page 255 of 255 SIDDHARTA’S GUIDEBOOK Voidspace Introduction to Voidspace Voidspace is a state of being where you are void of all existence, free from all worries, sadness, anger, emotions, thoughts, the when, the where, the who, the why and the how. You do not exist, and as such can see from a totally different perspective and can make extremely good decisions while in that state. Why is this forbidden? Because you do not exist, you become uncaring, unthinking, sometimes to the point of being unaware. You lose total track of yourself and you might as well not be there.