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Pyrokinesis, derived from the Greek words πυρ (pûr, meaning "fire, lightning") and κίνησις (kínesis, meaning "motion"), was the name coined by Stephen King as the power or ability to create and control fire strictly by thought. The word is intended to be parallel to telekinesis, though arguably the prefix "tele-" (meaning "from afar") rather than the suffix "-kinesis" would be the part to preserve in a proper Greek-based hybrid word. "


Users can excite or accelerate an object's atoms, increasing their thermal energy making it ignite, not necessarily objects, but also air particles. They can control and move the flames, including the shape, heat and even color; that said, pretty much everything with this power comes down to: burning.


  • Control is extremely important. Unconscious use of this power can be catastrophic.
  • May be unable creating fire, being limited to manipulating already existing one.
  • Fireproof Skin and/or Thermal Resistance isn't always part of the package, so burning yourself is possible.
  • Users can be overpowered by Water Manipulation (Hydrokinesis) or Ice Manipulation (Cryokinesis) and/or Freezing.