Kinetics is the practices of Psychokinesis. Psychokinesis in the easiest way to describe it is using brain power, connections, and energy to create change; whether it be atoms to attempting to move a car.

Now I want to make sure everyone knows that it is all Psychokinesis, people just break down the word to explain their type of target is.

For example analogy we can learn and practice math, but what type of math? Geometry, calculus, trigonometry, algebra?

With Psychokinesis you might focus on certain elements you feel closest to such as water, earth, fire, or air. For these we call them classical Kinesis types. It's still Psychokinesis but we would separate the term into Hydrokinesis or Hydro-PK, Geokinesis or Geo-Pk.

When using these terms others can identify that you are using Psychokinesis on a certain element.

There are now also some Non-Classical Kinesis types. But this is were we as a Nation have to draw a line. With this we have to clearly state what is a recognized Kinesis type and what is not a recognized Kinesis type. Kind of set the president for our community and others to follow. Currently the Non-Classical Kinesis types are Electrokinesis, Cryokinesis, and Biokinesis. There may be others but they have to be tested and approved to combat fluff.

Where does Kinesis sit on the Path of a Psion?

Many people think that they can just jump into Psychokinesis and start moving objects. This is wrong and your setting your self up to fail. This is where skeptics also fail and them claim that Psychokinesis is fake and cannot be done.

First you need to learn your senses and extra-sensory perception. Learn how to use all of your sense and how to use a few of them.

Next learn, energy manipulation and energy constructs, it is the fuel for all abilities including Psychokinesis.

After a year to a few years of learning and becoming confident on your energy manipulation skills you then want to work with connections. Connections help you creating links and bonds to other people and your targets. If you cannot connect to it how do you expect to manipulate it with Psychokinesis?

After Connections it is good to start mediation training and working with your brain power. You put all the skills together and start trying to move small objects; good thing to make or buy is a PsiWheel.

After a few years you too will be able to use Psychokinesis on anything or just an element if you want to limit your self. It takes time, you will fail at times as well. But Psionics takes patience and dedication.