What are Otherkin

Otherkin are autistic humans who think they're another realm/planetary system believed to reincarnate/incarnate into a human body through the human soul. There are various beings such as angels, demons, dragons, elves, and animal souls.

Symptoms of otherkin?

Awakened otherkin remember memories of who they once were, in a painful or pleasing way. Some may exhibit energetic phantom limbs.(Wings, horns, face feeling longer or shorter, expanded vision, tails, claws, longer limbs or different body shapes.) Different persona's and a feeling of being homesick may as well surface too.

Psychological Otherkin

Psychological Otherkin are those that believe they are Otherkin/Therians based on their psychological traits they assume match that of that particular otherkin which they based on their personal analysis and not the actually knowing not all beings of one race share a psychological trait.


Fictional kin believe they are otherkin from books, cartoons, animes, and video games. Though some fictional things take the existing beings and incorporate them into their creations not all fictional beings exist outside of the mental plane as thought forms.


"There's a number of awakenings the most observed awakenings happen from 8 years to puberty while there are those who go through a "late bloom" where they will awaken later on past their teen years. Otherkin psychically awaken in a later period in life to find out they are from another world, another plane of existence. It usually starts off with the memories of feeling "Like you were there and this being", projections, latent abilities surfacing, strange encounters with ghosts or spirits, and the personality changing. Now not all these feelings make you otherkin, some believe it does but other times it is simply teen angst It is recommended to take a diary and write down any experiences, memories, abilities, and thought patterns that may have changed since awakening. "

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