The ability to absorb various forms of energy and use it in some type of way, sub-power of Energy Manipulation.

What can it do for you?

The psion can absorb energy into their body and use it in many ways, such as coverting it in physical strength or using it to power energy discharges such as waves or orbs of energy (Psi Energy Balls) The user is able to absorb energies he or she comes in contact with, such as kinetic, electrical, radiation, or heat. Energy Absorption is also used to charge ones body and chakras with energies to fuel abilities.

Are their limitations?

  • You must be in physical contact with the object.
  • Burnouts: Too much power could result in incapacitation.
  • Overuse: Using more power than stored may exhaust the user after expending too much energy; once again, a burnout.
  • Crossed Energies: If the person has an energy specific absorption (such as kinetic, electric, or solar energy), other energies can't be absorbed.
  • Under Loading: The user may not be in a position to absorb power for some