What is Elemental Magick?

Elemental Magick is magick that involves the use of the four classical elements Fire,Water,Earth and Wind which are also associated with the four corners of the magical circle. Usually this involves a physical representation of the element to be utilized in whatever spell or ritual is being planned out. For instance Fire for example would be used in a spell relating with force,vitality,courage,confidence,etc and would be involved in a spell/ritual built to accomplish one or multiple of those as a result.

Elemental Magick can also be an umbrella term as under each element there are different kinds of magick included.(For example 'BonFire Magick" for Fire in which you'd burn a piece of paper stating your will or intent in a bonfire while focusing on it being done like a normal spell)

Capabilites of Elemental Magick

What Elemental Magick does depends upon what element is being used.As various elements have various usages.

Each of the classical four are mean't so that in that this is a versatile system where you pull out the element you need for whatever spell you have in mind and usually get a physical representation correlating with it to fuel the spell or ritual.

Fire represents literal fire,courage,determination,force,getting things done,bravery,initiative,etc.It represents the light of intelligence and the strength to follow it.It feels hot and dry and it's direction is South.Fire's colors consist of Reds,Orange and Gold.It's symbol is a Athame.

Water represents our emotions.Also following under our intuition,emotional state,fertility,health,beauty and even Divination. It feels cold,and it's color consist of Blue,Purple and Whites.It has it's own moon phase which is the Full Moon.Some variations of "Water Magick" make use of various items from the beach or of water scrying bowls.It's symbol is the Cup or chalice.

Air represents our masculinity and freedom,having to do with the mind also,etc.It's main direction is to the East and it's colors consist of yellow,blue and white.It's symbol is The Wand.It's Direction is also East.

Earth is associated with femininity,money,stability,strength,etc.It's colors are consisted of Gold,Brown and Green. Usually magick involving earth will utilize plants or herbs or burying something in the earth as a sign of intent.It's symbol is the Pentacle.