What is Divination?

Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future via various means. Some people use tools such as tarot,runes,pendulums,etc.While others are capable of divination via precognition,clairvoyancy or other ESP related abilities.


A person who practices Divination depending on the individual method that they apply is capable of utilizing this skill too gather information on the future,present,past or about a certain situation at hand or a problem. Divination can also be done in a form of spiritual communication with various entities,etc.


1.The person divinating usually requires a tool or a latent ability such as Precognition.

2.The session dedicating to divinating must be undisturbed,quiet,serene,etc.

3.The divinator must avoid complete bias,otherwise the prediction is wrong.

4.Nobody can confirm if the prediction is true or false,until it happens.

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