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What is Atmokinesis

Atmokinesis is the psychic manipulation of weather like winds, storms, and temperature.


The user may send their energy outwards to create powerful storms, winds, and charge an area's clouds to make rain/hail/snow. Changing the temperature surrounding you and causing certain atmospheric events. At first the user may not notice much difference in the way the weather responds, however, as time progresses, it becomes possible for the user to initiate a wide variety of effects, such as breezes, rain, temperature and even storms.


  • High emotions may change the weather(Anxiety could cause clouds to form)
  • Natural events happen daily, so make sure to start off slow and patient.
  • Hard to control
  • Progression is usually slow, and difficult to notice.
  • Usually the weather effects must be plausible, taking into account location and season.
  • Weather effects usually do not take effect immediately, must be patient.